Home of the ProControl

Our ProControl control/telemetry systems and ProView software offer a fully integrated and cost effective solution for managing equipment operations efficiently, with stand-alone control, remote monitoring, email/text/fax alarm reporting and datalogging capabilities in one compact unit. The ProControl is the straightforward way to bring SCADA capabilities to your renewable energy, environmental, water supply, wastewater treatment or industrial control applications.

The ProControl is a powerful, easy-to-live-with controller created to make operations oversight easy. With built-in communications, datalogging memory, instrument power supplies and plenty of I/O with pluggable connectors, it's available in completely configurable models or specialized for your application. Use it as the core of your control panel, easily retrofit to your existing operation, or mount to the wall for energy system control and monitoring.

Combined with our free ProView software, the ProControl is ideal for your demanding field applications, and backed by over 25 years of real-world experience. Crafted in the USA by New Englanders who know how to build something to last.