Renewable Energy Applications


We're applying our 25 years of environmental controls expertise to the creation of robust, elegant control and monitoring solutions for renewable heat and electricity generation. Our simple but powerful ProControl technology provides the brainpower necessary to control renewables projects of any configuration. Not just "cookie-cutter" off-the-shelf setups - our technology can easily be customized to accommodate the unique needs of your system, to exact the highest performance possible. A modest investment in powerful and reliable controls and monitoring can reduce up-front capital costs and maximize your return.


EOS Research offers real-world applications experience for your solar thermal, geothermal, landfill gas, biomass and wind energy projects. our technology is perfect for larger residential to community-scale or commercial projects. We also specialize in custom controls and application development for your tehcnology's unique needs. Contact one of our applications engineers to discuss your project today.



  1. Performance monitoring for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  2. No expensive third-party monitoring service required - just a phone line, internet or wireless connection
  3. Sophisticated equipment control to maximize system output
  4. Simple remote troubleshooting