Environmental Monitoring/Remediation Applications


The ProControl is the original SCADA system-in-a-box for environmental monitoring/remediation and landfill applications. designed for remote or unmanned operations, it will control and monitor your equipment under harsh conditions with minimal on-site attention. The ProControl will alert you to problems and safety shut down processes when called for, while allowing the operator to troubleshoot (and often restart) the system remotely. With email or fax reporting, pager and cell phone text messaging, no longer do you have to guess whats happening at the site... the ProControl will tell you exactly.


Founded in 1990 to address the control and monitoring needs of environmental programs, EOS Research can provide the cost-effective solution to your challenging projects. Consult our experienced environmental and electrical applications engineers to discuss your plan today.



  1. Powerful central control/datalogging of remediation equipment, landfill leachate/gas collection operations
  2. Real-time remote monitoring and alarm reporting with only a phone line or cellular connection
  3. Minimize site visits with the ProControl as your "eyes and ears"
  4. Simple remote troubleshooting